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  • It's really lovely to be quoted by @roisiningle “If you read to them, tell them you love them and take them outdoor…

  • Always delighted and very happy to be recommended by @MartinDoyleIT in @IrishTimesBooks - Thanks and happy reading…

  • Always lovely to hear great things about my latest book 'Adam Saves the Seasons' @shinnersbrood


  • Ever wondered how the newly released "Adams Saves the Seasons" book gets ordered online to delivered to the door…

  • @ShaneMcloughln @bloominthepark @for_tomas hope you are still reading guys and getting ready for Fathers Day on Sunday 🤠@ShaneMcloughlin

  • @paulinehynes Thanks Pauline that brought a smile to me - Benji @paulinehynes

  • @ShaneMcloughln @bloominthepark @for_tomas great meeting you guys - some serious smiles going on, Benji

  • Happy Birthday Adam. You changed the world on the day you came to visit us with your Love, Hugs and Kisses…

  • Looking for something nice to do for the weekend with the family - visit Mallow Home & Garden

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