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The Story Behind The Stories

Adam's Cloud, a children's book publishing company, was set up in 2008 by Benji Bennett in memory of his 4-year-old son Adam who passed away in August 2007 from a brain tumour. Without any expectation about the future, the key purpose was to publish the book 'Before You Sleep' Benji's 1st book to promote a special message of love, laughter and play in the family, and encourage parents to spend more time playing and expressing their love to their children by reading to them at bedtime and saying "I love you" before they go to sleep.

Before You Sleep' Is Published

On the day of Adam's first year Anniversary 'Before You Sleep' was published with an initial print run of 10,000 copies. Word quickly spread about this very special book and within 6 weeks all the books were sold.

It appeared that the love and emotion poured into the book was transmitted to parents who read it to their children. Creating a magical and emotional moment that parents shared with their children night after night, 'Before You Sleep' became the only book that the children wanted at bedtime.

Nine months later "Before you Sleep" was amazingly awarded "Book of the Year" at the prestigious Irish Book Awards.

Going from strength to strength

Since then Benji and Adam have published 8 number one bestselling children's titles, and incredibly picked up his second Irish book award and for When You Were Born in 2013 having been nominated 5 years in a row. To date donations from the sale of Adam's books have raised almost €40,000 for children charities Barretstown, Make a Wish Foundation, Anam Cara and Laura Lynn Children's Hospice

Adam's Cloud continues to go from strength to strength expanding retail distribution into the UK and spreading Adam's message worldwide through online sales from this website.

As Adam's message of love, laughter and play continues to spread further afield, no matter where you are in the world keep your heart open and experience the magic of Adam's Cloud where we try to make magical moments happen for children and parents everywhere.

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