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Before I start my blog I just want to say sorry it has been a while since my last blog as over the past 2 weeks I was away in London promoting and at present Jackie is away leaving me home alone with 3 nutty kids and no instructions, but at least were having fun. So on to this week's Blog with a nice video below.

On my recent travel to London a bone of contention has raised its head that I feel the need to address. When I'm promoting at big events lots of different people of all walks of life pass me by and over the years have come to realise that everyone has their story, their pain and their worries. I often engage in wonderful conversations with so many of them that always have such a lasting impact on me long after they are gone and that keep me grateful for the things I have.

During these events lots of young mums and dads, with their babies, pass by and I invite them to have a look at the books and as I dote on their very cute babies they thankfully complement my books with many of them buying and others politely moving on. Of course there are some parents who don't come over as they are rushing to change a nappy or get the next feed in. I've been in that situation enough times with my own kids so know when not, to go waving books in their face.

So what's the problem? Well, so far there is no problem, but then comes the parents that quite simple make my blood boil make, me bite my lip until it is practically bleedingand make me want to shake some sense into them. My problem is with the parents I invite to have a look at the books who then tell me that their kids are either too young, can't read or practically take a trip around the moon avoid coming near my stand in case they might have to buy a book that doesn't read itself, paint their nails and babysit their kids. This video is proof that they are never too young for a book.

Now, I know I am overly passionate and emotional about my books and the message they contain as they are so deeply inspired by Adam, but being honest, it kills me to think that some parents have no idea of the importance, on so many different levels, of reading to their children. Is it fair to assume that, if they can't be bothered to read them a bedtime story, they also couldn't be bothered to bring them for a walk in a park, play with them, colour with them, talk to them, guide and encourage them, instil confidence in them, just do their best for them or just tell them they love them?

So, No Matter What…

Every child deserves to be hugged and cuddled. Every child deserves to have their imagination ignited with words and adventures. Every child deserves to have 10 minutes dedicated to them by their parents at the end of the day. Every child deserves to have confidence instilled in them through reading, conversation and praise. Every child deserves not be shoved in front of the television all day long. Every child deserves to have fun, play and make noise without fear. Every child deserves to be allowed to be a child. Every child deserves to learn. Every child deserves to be loved. Every child deserves to be happy and every child deserves to have parents that care and do their best for them.

This is the essence of Adam's Message and this is what I am trying to promote

Thank for your visit this week and helping me spread Adam's Message.

Lots of love hugs and kisses


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