How Best To Tell Your Child They Are Going To Be A Big Brother Or Sister!
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There are few things in life that are more special than learning and sharing the news that “We’re Going To Have A Baby!” But how can we make the news extra magical for a big brother or sister who are not quite sure they are ready to share mum and dad with a new baby brother or sister.

Well, here is a little story of how I think the sentiment behind “When You Were Born” can help plant a little seed in your child’s happy mind to make them feel very special and important during the loving preparations for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister.
When an expectant mum arrives at my bookstand with a little toddler who likes my books I love to fuss over them and get excited for them that they are going to be a new big brother or sister.

Thinking of how children choose their parents in “When You Were Born” I hunker right down to their level and say. “Oh my goodness! Do you know the way you chose your mum and dad coz they are the best mum and dad in the whole world?” As I grab their attention they look me straight in the eye and nod silently in agreement. “Well do you know the way your mum is having a new baby?” A lick of a sticky lollypop usually accompanies another nod and a delicate shy “yes” slips from their lips.
“Well! Do you know that right now a new little baby is not only choosing the best mum and dad in the world they are also trying to choose the best ever brother/ Sister in the world and do you know what else?” Another lick of a lollypop precedes a more confident expression “What.”
“A little baby is going to choose YOU to be their big brother /sister and need you to love them and mind them and play with them and be their best friend, which makes you a very important person in their life when they arrive.
And then the magic happens. The lollypop is pulled from their mouth with a loud pop. Their eyes grow wide, they stare for a moment as the news filters through and then, filled with thought and curiosity a happy smile climbs up their little face. Excited about this idea the lollypop holding hand reaches blindly backwards instinctively knowing that mum is right behind them. Contact is made and then they turn, grab mums leg and snuggle in with a massive hug and a magical moment is born. A seed full of excitement and happy anticipation is sown that, with love and nurture, will grow into a loving bond between siblings even before the new baby is born.

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