Benji's TV Interviews

How it All Began! Benji's First Ever TV Interview.

I was so nervous I had to bring 7 year old Harry along to hold my hand.

Sky News Spread Adam's Important Message to the Parents of Britain

High Praise from the BBC for Adam's Message and Benjis Books.

Beautiful footage as Benji and Jackie discuss life and there experience with Barretstown.

Today with Maura & Daithi RTE1 1st December 2012

Daithi and Maura give their reaction to Before You Sleep and Adams Adventure Books.

Catherine Zita Jones, Michael Douglas and Adam Sandler are now self confessed fans.

Powerful praise for Adam's Adventure books by Benji Bennett on the Midday Show.

Benji Bennett Wins 1st Irish Book Awards for Before you Sleep.

Feeling like a real celeb, if only for a few minutes. Benji is special guest on the Late Lunch Live.

A very happy Benji Talks to Ireland Am after winning his second Irish Book award for "When you Were Born"

The Morning Show talks to Benji about his inspired bestselling children's books

Up close and personal with Benji and Jackie as they talk about life after Adam.

"Adam's Greatest Inventions" is Nominated Book of the Year!

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